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Speciality Appointment Setting

How many times have you heard?
‘if I can get to see a prospect, I can usually close the sale. The problem I have is getting the appointment’

If this is you, then The Appointments Company
is the solution to your problem.

Business to business sales usually depend on face to face selling. So the selling process beings with:

  1. Lead generation
  2. An approach, by mail, email, by phone or bold calling
  3. A follow up
  4. An appointment
  5. Following up
  6. Sale

The Appointments Company can help with all of the above bar closing the sale -
that is your job.

Lead generation and appointment setting for Accountants

This is a specialise field that we excel in. We know the market and we know how to get the most from it. All we need to know is what market sectors you want your appointments in and we’ll source the leads, make the calls and send the appointments through to you. We will also let you know if someone requests more information, we will then do the follow up calls.

How does the system work?

Before we can start making the appointments we will need some basic information. Simply fill in the registration form which will give us all we need to begin working with you. We will set you up with an online database so that you can see the results of the work we are doing for you and we’ll set up an online calendar for you. The registration fee is just TBC, you can then opt for which service suits your needs:

  1. 50 calls per month
  2. 100 calls per month
  3. 200 calls per month
  4. 300 calls per month
  5. 400 calls per month

All calls are made during office hours, we do not work from a script, our staff are professional and will represent themselves as the marketing department of the company the calls are for. Our method of working is to engage in polite conversation to find the trigger for an appointment. When we have made the appointment the details are sent by email and logged on the database and on the calendar.

Beneficial in more ways than one

  1. Telemarketing is direct not scatter gun
  2. Build you database for future email and postal campaigns
  3. The appointments are fully qualified - talk to prospects who want to talk to you
  4. You don’t have the constant worry about generating new business

We have developed the ‘accountants scheme’ especially for those accountants who want to grow their practice. So our question to you is...

How many appointments do you need?