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Mixed Marketing

Mixed Marketing is a step beyond telemarketing and is a way of bringing a co-ordinated direct marketing plan to the time-starved SME. A mixture of marketing activities will provide you with a pool of qualified prospects and markedly improve your sales conversion rate.

Mixed Marketing tools:

  • Marketing Action plan
  • Lead generation
  • Database Building
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Emails
  • Tele Follow ups
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blogging
  • Search engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media


Mixed Marketing establishes your profile, builds your prospect pool and gets you appointments - You get the sales.


Your Mixed Marketing campaign will be individually tailored for your business, using the appropriate media and marketing tools to suit your product or service, target market sector and budget.

Once the plan is agreed, our team of marketers, designers, copy writers and front-line telemarketers carry out the work of building contacts, sales leads and appointments for you.

The object of Mixed Marketing is to create marketing activity in a number of different ways.

Online marketing
Online marketing via social media, blogging and SEO will establish your presence online, and enhance the credibility of your company. This will create interest and drive more traffic to your website which in turn will generate more enquires and grow your data base. Your email campaigns will then be directed to warm prospects.
SEO will ensure you a higher ranking on the search engines and your name or website will be seen by larger numbers of people who require your product or service. This will generate more enquires.
A telemarketing campaign, which is the most direct and most successful means of direct marketing, will quickly generate sales appointments, develop leads and gather valuable marketing feedback. This feedback can be used in your blogs and social media postings and can be used to help assess and develop your website content.
Direct Mail
Depending on your market sector, a direct mail campaign may well be appropriate for you. Direct mail is re-entering the market place as a very successful means of delivering a marketing message and when carried out in conjunction with a telephone follow up, the response results are improved to 6.6% as opposed to the 2% success from mailing alone, with an improved conversion rate of up to 33%.
Email campaign
Emails are a great way of contacting large numbers of prospective clients cheaply.
Gathering contacts
We can provide you with valuable techniques for gathering contact details via your website.
Stay in touch with your customers
The most common reason for losing customers is neglect and so many businesses waste their money after a marketing campaign, by failing to keep in touch. This is easily remedied with TelemarketingPlus. By sending regular emails you will keep your contacts, customers and prospects up to date with news of offers, notifications of new blog posts and changes to your website. Together with regular phone calls which will gather valuable information from your contacts and inform them of any special items of news, we can guarantee your customers will never feel neglected again.

Mixed Marketing will coordinate your marketing and generate new business.


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