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Appointment Setting

Appointment setting involves arranging meetings for you with receptive prospects from your ideal targeted markets. Our specialist appointment setting service enables you and your sales representatives to focus on meeting prospective clients and converting warm leads into sales. This highly effective method of business-to-business marketing reduces the amount of office bound activities and administrative tasks and consequently increases the results you get from sales activities.

By establishing interest and verifying that you or your sales team will be speaking to decision-makers, The Appointments Company makes sure that the appointment matches the criteria set by you. This eliminates time wasters and maximises your time in front of real prospects.


‘How do I maintain my sales pipe line and how do we get the most from the money we spend on marketing and sales?’

This is equally important for all sizes of company, from micro businesses through SME’s, to large enterprises.

End That Stop/Start Sales Cycle

Having well qualified sales appointments set for you by one of our team, at a level that you can fit comfortably into your busy schedule, will mean that your sales pipeline is continually being topped up whilst your time is spent on the activities that can’t be delegated.

Better results from direct marketing

Mailings and leads from exhibitions should always be followed up with a phone call. This will give you a much better return on your investment and put your sales team in the place they can do the most good – quite simply, face to face with potential customers.

Using our team of trained appointment setters, you will get much better results from any outbound direct mailing or email campaigns, as well as that important feed back which will help refine your message on future campaigns.

Using your sales team where it counts

The addition of a great telemarketing team as part of your sales team will significantly increase the time your sales staff spend in front of customers and give you improved performance, sales and profits.

So why The Appointments Company?

We never use a script; we never use tricks or platitudes. We take the time to understand your product or services and your target market. It’s this understanding that means the appointments we make for you are fully qualified, so that you have the best chance of closing a sale.

Developing the long-term relationship

Although the purpose of the exercise is to make the appointment, we understand the value of looking to the longer term and we’ll nurture your contacts to make sure the door is always open for newsletters and follow up calls in the future. We always have an eye to your prospect pipeline.

The Appointments Company –
delivering you qualified appointments