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The Appointments Company –
Making the appointments
that make you sales.

The Appointments Company will;

  • Generate your sales leads, build your data base and make your sales appointments
  • Give your sales team a flow of quality leads to improve sales performance.
  • Make your marketing campaigns more effective by creating warm leads
  • Improve the traction of your outbound mailings by as much as 35% by following up promptly by telemarketing campaign.

Telemarketing gives you the better results than any other outbound marketing.*

At The Appointments Company we talk about the ‘3Rs’ that create the sales pipeline.

  • The Right approach
  • To the Right people
  • Makes the Right kind of appointments

We believe that the relationship with our clients is paramount. We have found that the best results come from a team performance – our team working closely with your team.

We present ourselves as part of your business development team and in a manner that conforms to your business ethos. Our in depth briefing process will ensure that we can talk with authority about your business proposition to your prospective clients so that your appointments are fully qualified giving you the best chance of a successful outcome.


The Appointments Company –
delivering value and results


*Success Rate of Cold Calling

In June 2010, the Direct Marketing Association released its "2010 Response Rate Trend Report," which said that cold calling customers yielded the highest response rate. The 6.16 percent response rate for cold calling is higher than response rates for other direct response vehicles, such as direct mail, email, paid search and Internet displays.

by Miranda Brookins, Demand Media


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